About Fred

Why Fred Tees? I could be cute about it and say 'why not?' but there truly is a why. Two 'why's', actually.

First Why: Because there are amazingly very few fun tees out there for big guys. And I got fed up with that or rather, I got 'Fred-Up' with that. So I pulled out the cocktail napkin - not the proverbial cocktail napkin, an actual cocktail napkin - and I drew the original Fred. And then I made it so that big guys could buy the tees. Sizes in many FredTees go up to 4XL or 5XL.

Second Why: Because Fred is me. Fred is you. There is a Fred for everyone. Sometimes Fred is blissful. Sometimes Fred is punchy. Sometimes Fred is sexy. Sometimes Fred is goofy. Sometimes Fred is sarcastic. Sometimes Fred is pistrated. OK, Fred is always sexy... and yes, I invented the word 'pistrated'- it is mine.

Have fun and embrace your Fred, whatever that might be.